I’ve had quite a few women reach out to me and state they are only keeping their Facebook page because of my group. For that reason, I want to provide you a place where you feel safe asking your questions and networking without belonging to a social media platform. This is a very simple forum and if you’re in my Women Business Owners Supporting Women Business Owners Facebook Group, all of the same rules apply here as did there. Here are those rules (which are enforced strictly!):

1) Be kind always. Being unkind will get you booted.

2) Be helpful and be willing to be helped. We’re all about helping each other here.

3) I approve all posts (or disapprove). If you try to post MLM products or comment on someone’s post with MLM or network marketing products/services, you’ll be booted.

4) No ads are allowed here. 

5) No religious or political posts or comments unless your business revolves around that.

6) No Cryptocurrency posts will be approved.

7) No fundraisers or crowdfunding and no raffles may be posted here.

8) No vague posts.

9) Be creative with your posts. If you post the same content every day or even every week, it will be removed. Create value. Ask engaging questions. Calls to action that will lead to a direct buy like “message me for details” or “click the link below for more info” will be declined.

10) If you have a job posting, you must contact us before posting here. (please link to contact page)

11) No porn or sex workers. Sex therapists are fine. Sexual health is fine.

12) This is not a mom-forum and this is not a political forum. Simply put: It is not your job, on this forum, to tell anyone how they can/should live their life. If you see something you don’t like, you have the ability to scroll past it. If you don’t use that ability, you will promptly be dismissed from without ability to join it or any of its subsidiaries in the future. If you can’t be kind (even if you feel like someone else isn’t “being your version of kind”), this is not the space for you.

That takes care of the uncomfortable stuff. Now, go network and connect! You’ve got work to do.

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