Thank you for visiting Shop From Her, a directory for woman-owned seedling businesses with a pay-per-click twist.

What’s a seedling business? It’s one that you came up with entirely on your own. You didn’t pay to buy into someone else’s business. You started it, you watered it, you nurtured it and you make the rules. If that sounds like your business, then welcome! We’re glad you’re here.

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Will there ever be a Shop From Him?

If all goes well with Shop From Her, we will subsequently launch Shop From Him and Shop From X.

How do I become a VIP member?

Click here to learn all about requirements and application to become a VIP. These are by invitation only and only those who are selected will be contacted to continue the process.

I love this concept. How can I support Shop From Her other than buying from the businesses listed here?
What are the future plans for what Shop From Her will offer?

In the near future, you’ll see all sorts of content that your business needs to thrive. All of this content will be either free or very affordable. We don’t simply want to be known as a directory, but a place where you can find quality content and quality connections.We’ll also launch an actual store of our own in the future.

What is conscious shopping? Are you against big online retailers?

Conscious shopping is as simple of making yourself aware of what you’re doing before you put your credit card information in. Are you consciously trying to support a business that aligns with your values? Shop From Her isn’t anti-big retailers. We’re pro-conscious shopping.

Can I list my shop if I’m listed on Amazon, Etsy or some other platform?

Absolutely! Our primary goal is to make people conscious of buying from the 60% of shops most people have never heard of.

Can I list my business if I belong to a Multi-Level-Marketing, Direct Sales, Referral Marketing or Network Marketing?

First, if you don’t know what the above terms reference, you can learn more about these types of businesses here. If you do belong to any of the above, you may not list here in any fashion. No, we’re not anti-any of the above. We don’t have the staff required to make the above possible