I’m Amber Powers, the President of Powers Digital Marketing and the Founder of Shop From Her and the Facebook Group Women Business Owners Supporting Women Business Owners.

In August of 2017, I founded the above mentioned Facebook Group because I wanted to create a networking group that I couldn’t find locally. I moved to the Treasure Coast of Florida in early 2017 and the networking here is bass ackwards at best. It’s all popcorn testimonials and lots of business cards being shoved in your face. I wanted something more authentic. I wanted to connect. I wanted a group of people who wanted to help others and be open to being helped if/when it was needed. So was born Women Business Owners Supporting Women Business Owners.

Fast forward 3 years. I found myself in the middle of a pandemic boredom shopping on the biggest online retailer in the world. Out of nowhere, I asked myself, “Self, why are you shopping there when you have almost 18k women in your business group that could use your support?” From that idea, Shop From Her was born.

After digging in a little bit deeper, I found that that one retailer holds the share of over 35% of the online market while small businesses make up over 99% of US businesses. Those numbers were appalling to me. Not because that retailer is innately bad, but it meant that we, as consumers, aren’t being conscious about where we’re putting our money.

To be blunt: If we don’t shift to consciously shopping, our economy fails. If even 20% of our small businesses fail – we fail. It’s time for a shift to shop consciously and to shop small. 

Welcome to Shop From Her. I hope before you click buy going forward, you’ll do so consciously and think twice about where you’re spending your hard earned money. We appreciate your business.