Father’s day is a great time to celebrate all of the wonderful men in your lives. In supporting these men, you can actually support women as well! Here are some products from great women-owned businesses that would make perfect gifts for Father’s Day.

Man standing on mountain with Redwood Classics on the top left; bottom right says "Impact Report: A decade of high-quality apparel, sustainably made."

Clothing and Accessories

Redwood Classics

Redwood Classics is home to many great clothing styles, for men and women alike. Check out their company if looking for Canadian-made jackets, gloves, masks, and more. You can even customize your own Earth Hoodie! Choose a size and color, and then mail in two of your pre-owned denim items to receive your completely sustainable and customized Earth jacket! If you live in a cold location or your family is big on sustainability, this seems like the perfect Father’s Day gift for him.

Gator Cases logo (unofficial)

Gator Cases

Perhaps he’s interested in the music industry? Gator Cases is a wonderful option when shopping for cases – for both instruments and audio devices. Professionally made, there are many different cases to protect a wide variety, from guitars to video cameras to microphones and speakers. Gator cases are a must-have if you’re either in the music industry, or hope to be one day. Don’t underestimate the value of protecting his expensive investments!

Eco Style Cases logo (unofficial)

Eco Style Cases

Maybe your family loves traveling, and he’s been looking for new bags to bring with him on-the-go? Eco Style Cases has a great variety of portable bags. Their selection includes shoulder bags, backpacks, messenger cases, rolling cases, rolling backpacks, and laptop sleeves. All of their cases are professionally made, and will make a subdued statement everywhere you go. A majority of the bags are airplane carry-on friendly, which is extremely important if deciding to travel far away. The website even includes a section of checkpoint-friendly bags, which should make dad’s life easier as well.

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Hobbies and Fun

Apogee Electronics

Is he interested in perhaps starting his own podcast, or making his own music? Apogee Electronics has been around since 1985 defining the art of digital audio. FX programs and equipment created by Apogee (like Symphony I/O, Quartet, and JAM) have contributed to countless Grammy and Oscar winning performances. Help him begin with a great foundation! Maybe he’s interested in Twitch streaming? Apogee’s professional microphones would greatly contribute to that as well. Is he an actor or has he thought about getting into acting? How about Apogee’s high-quality clip-on microphones? There are many products at Apogee that can be used in a great variety of ways, so if he’s been looking for anything audio-related, Apogee is the place!

Nod Products logo (unofficial)

Nod Products

Every dad needs a hobby, and Nod Products has incredible products that ensure he will never have a boring gathering. With a huge selection to choose from, Nod Products will ensure that you’ll never have a boring gathering. Foremost, they have a lot of bar accessories: from specialized wine bottle bags to glass markers. Nod Products has branched out to technology as well, creating devices that will keep the party going longer. Nod’s Beam Bank portable battery will provide two whole phone charges, and has a solar panel built in to provide energy in a pinch. In tandem with it is Nod’s Song Sphere, a small waterproof Bluetooth speaker designed to clip onto a backpack and play music all night long. And if that wasn’t enough fun, Nod Products also has waterproof playing cards in many different colorfully artistic designs. With this Father’s Day gift, he’ll never have a dull night again!

Lacrosse360 logo (unofficial)


Does that special man in your life play lacrosse? Would he like to? Lacrosse360 has every product you’d ever need for lacrosse, from gloves, to goggles, to nets. If he’s been looking to get into a new sport, this is the perfect gift for him. And if he already does play lacrosse, you can rest assured knowing you’ve picked the right product for him. Lacrosse 360’s Rebel Heads dons their brand as the lacrosse world champion’s equipment of choice. Lacrosse360 compiles products from many different lacrosse companies, making it the best site to visit when looking for new products.

Dama Wines 2013 merlot wine

Drinks and Snacks

Dama Wines

Does dad love a great bottle of wine? If so, Dama Wines is a great option, especially for a fun night staying in. Their wines blend art, science, creativity and passion to create the perfect taste, and every bottle holds a story within. If looking for a new great wine, be sure to check out Dama Wines’ award-winning wines.

Fusion Jerky logo (unofficial)

Fusion Jerky

Almost every man I’ve met has been a fan of beef jerky. My whole family is obsessed with it, including me (not even a man!). If the father in your life likes beef jerky, Fusion Jerky is a perfect complementary gift. Like wine, beef jerky doesn’t expire – so there’s no stressful rush for him to finish it before it goes bad. Fusion Jerky’s all-natural jerky comes in beef, pork, and even turkey. With many different flavors, make sure he tries them all! Be sure to sign up for their email newsletter to stay on top of their specials. The email collection is located at the bottom right side of their home page. They send out some great incentives!

Pacific Northwest Cookie Company cookies

Pacific Northwest Cookie Company

If your dad is anything like our Founder’s dad, he might have a bit of a sweet tooth. And if he eats a vegan diet, his choices are sadly greatly limited. Pacific Northwest Cookie Company is one company who makes vegan eating delicious and more accessible. Their cookies are 100% vegan, gluten-free, and soy-free.  With ethically sourced ingredients, outstanding texture and incredible flavor, PNW Cookies’ enormous cookies are wonderful side gifts this Father’s Day. With six flavors and four different product options, you can search through the catalogue to find his favorite, and make this Father’s Day something to smile about.

Father, with son on shoulders

Hopefully this gift giving guide has given you some great ideas for Father’s Day gifts that your dad will enjoy. If looking for more women-owned businesses, we invite you to use the ShopFromHer Directory. And remember: when supporting that special man in your life, by buying from this list, you’re supporting women too!

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